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I studied Graphic Design at Central St. Martins School of Art during the early nineties. After graduation I worked in Children's Animation making shows for the BBC and Channel 4.  It was at this time that the seed of becoming a picture book creator was planted.

In 1997 I found myself working as a website designer/creative for the Financial Times after which I joined AKQA for a few years working on the Nike, Nestlé, Energizer and Carlsberg accounts.  However, wanting more time to pursue ideas around children's animation and books I chose to go freelance. In between short stints of working for Collective London to build their relationship with Honda, I was spending 50-75% of my time pitching and sending in my ideas to production companies and publishing houses.

From 2002 until 2012 I continued the freelance website design and was even in the fortunate position to have clients who worked directly in the fields that interested me. These included the Author/Illustrators Lauren Child, David Mackintosh and Giles Andreae.

In 2005 I submitted a picture book called Mrs Mo's Monsters, which was roundly rejected by publishers alike and resigned to a folder in a drawer. Fast forward to 2012 and following many other rejections I took out the Mrs Mo's Monsters idea and over the next year reworked and more importantly made the Monsters of the original story singular. In 2013 it was sent out again and this time Gecko Press said 'Yes' and Mrs Mo's Monster was released in 2014.  Since then there has been a sequel as well as other books published primarily with Scholastic NZ.

If you have any questions for me or perhaps would like to collabrate on work then do please get in contact.


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