Hello World!

Published by Gecko Press 2015

The sequel to Mrs Mo's Monster finds our little blue Monster rather bored with life.  Mr and Mrs Mo are busy painting the house and there is no one to play with, so what better time to pack your bag and have a bit of an adventure seeing the world.  As his adventure develops the Monster finds the world a little bigger than he thought and he soon loses his way. Luckily, someone has been keeping a caring eye on our brave Monster and his journey to see the world isn't over yet.


"A calmly surreal invitation to explore." 
Kirkus Review

"...vibrant illustrations are bursting with warmth and humour, in this exuberant tale of adventure and friendship.." 
The Book Trust UK

"A delightfully encouraging and warmly reassuring tale to foster adventurous spirits and feed curiosity about what lies beyond your front door, Paul Beavis’ Hello World! is a perfect picture book to put the wind beneath the wings of all those learning to explore their world around them.."   Zoe Toft - Playing by the Book.net

"The cover of this book is utterly beautiful, as is the image inside that it is based on. This is enough, before even reading the story inside, to persuade me that Paul Beavis is no one-trick pony. He is going to be around writing and illustrating imaginative, quirky books for a long time." 
Sarah Foster - Bookseller.co.nz


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