Okay here's the plan. I'm going to aim for a minimum of one blog post a month - and yes I know what you're thinking "Why sweat it Beavis, how about stretching yourself to zero posts?"

But hold on just a sec, hear me out.  For this is a good thing, this is I hope the start of a movement, a flag pole piercing the crust of all that noise we can barely hear when we go online.  Instead, I'm taking the theory of Less is More and going one step further I'm raising the flag for Less is Less.  I mean do we really want to spend any more time in front of our illuminated rectangles?

I'd far prefer you turn this off, shut it down and look up and say "Wow, what a weird and wonderful world we live in." 

So, I'll finish with a promise to try and make my first proper post a worthwhile use of your time.  As my Dad told me on countless occasions "Try engaging brain before opening gob".  With that mantra in mind I'm zipping it and shifting my brain into first.

To you good people, enjoy your day.   

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