MRS MO’S MONSTER - Published by Gecko Press 2014


"This explosively illustrated fable is a real find." 
Nicholas Tucker - The Independent on Sunday

"It’s hard to believe that this is Beavis’ debut as a children’s book author and illustrator. He’s created a marvelously lovable rogue character, told a story with emotional and psychological depth but with all the lightness of touch and humour one could hope for, and illustrated it all in a truly eye-opening manner.." 
Zoe Toft - Playing by the

"This clever, dry, talented author/illustrator has created a story both adults and kids will find enormously funny and rewarding--not only for its fabulousness, but for the fact that it doesn't follow any kind of monster stereotype. Yay" 
Tania McCartney -

"Effervescent, in an entirely understated sort of way." 
Kirkus Review

John McIntyre of the Children's Bookshop reviews Mrs Mo's Monster on Radio NZ
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"...entertaining picture book with its subtle themes of good manners, patience and the fulfilling of potential." 
The Book Trust UK

"My first thought when I read this book was ‘really? This is by a first-time author? This is incredible!" 
Sarah Forster - Bookseller NZ

"After reading this bright book for the first time, I wished my grandchildren were with me to share it with. It awoke my inner child." 
Lindsay Pope - Scoop.NZ


Winner of the LIANZA Russel Clark Illustration Award 2015


Mrs Jill reads Mrs Mo’s Monster

Reading at Wellington City Library

First ever reading at Muirs Bookshop Gisborne

Mrs Mo’s Monster by Lily

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