What are You Supposed to Be?

Published by Scholastic NZ 2017

What are You Supposed to Be?  is a humorous little story which plays out on top of a hill between a rather bossy girl and a peculiar looking wolf. Told entirely in dialogue, the text is as stripped back as the illustrations, but through simplicity my hope is that the story resonates with the reader, leaving plenty of room for deeper questions on friendship, being yourself and understanding differences, while adding a few choice phrases which kids will have fun repeating.


"What makes this book special though is the realisation that you can be true to yourself. You don’t need to change anything about yourself for anyone else. A lesson many adults still find hard to learn. " 
Desna Wallace - Booktrailers4kidsandYA

"Paul Beavis is a master of turning the weird into wonderful with his inventive storytelling and quirky illustrations." 
John McIntyre -The Children's Bookshop

"...the message here of be true to yourself – 'This is how I turned out,' says the wolf – is one parents love to hear, and they shouldn't miss the opportunity to make a few storytime growls along the way." 
Mark Broatch- The Sapling

"It's funny, beautifully illustrated...Paul Beavis has a quirky brain." 
James Russel Radio NZ review - starts around 7mins


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